Obninsk is the first science city in Russia and the city where nuclear power was born in 1954.
Since its inception, it has been a city of scientists, high energies, and achievements, which is why Olympic champions live and grow here, there is a center of Russian nuclear medicine and a training center for the atomic fleet. A city in which jazz sounded from the day of its foundation, where there are no mountains, but there is a habit of skiing, a town designed according to the best canons of modernism.
Obninsk is a high energy city.
Where does the energy come from?
  1. On June 27, 1954, the world's first nuclear power plant was put into operation (gave current).

  2. In the center of Obninsk, there is the highest meteorological tower in Europe (310 meters).

  3. In the interaction of elementary particles and atomic nuclei, energy is released higher than the masses of the colliding particles themselves.

  4. The energy at the moment is the speed of movement around the city. Everything can be done due to the compactness of the building: an hour and a half drive to Moscow and Vnukovo airport.

  5. Active people live here; among them, there are many young people and students.
We studied the history and development strategy of the city, assembled a team of experts from advertising agencies from all over Russia - all these specialists were born and raised in Obninsk. We conducted our research and surveys of city residents, interviews with employees of the Obninsk administration to determine how they see the city today and tomorrow.
The city has its color.
First of all, people associate Obninsk with blue. Historically, it is the color of the city's flag and coat of arms and the color of science and innovation.
The city has its symbol.
We have disassembled the main city symbol into ellipses-orbital. A recognizable element became the basis of a new design system.
The new brand operates within the city and transmits the energy that exists here beyond its borders. To reflect different spheres of city life, we have formed a whole cloud of slogans and meanings with which Obninsk will speak (communicate).
The city has its own |
A recognizable sans serif with the powerful energy of minimalism, combining two basic geometric styles
High tower!
The positive energy in different areas of life
Obninsk's brand is not about fonts and logos, but the people living in it. The city broadcasts its values from billboards.
Design system
Atomic orbitals have formed a design system that is used in any public communication.
A branded set of icons will appear on the city website and in applications.
The modern urban brand lives in different dimensions: both in physical and virtual media.
Therefore, we put our atom in 3D space, launched augmented reality masks on Instagram, developed a set of Telegram stickers, and souvenirs for Obninsk residents and its guests.
A brand in an urban setting
The layouts are adapted for all urban advertising formats. Bus routes, stops, and facilities under construction.
Brand future
In the future, the brand will develop in response to the demands of the environment. Until then, tell your friends about our work.
Thanks, Obninsk!